There Was Evening and There Was Morning – The First Day

The bed was hard and the coffee tasted like chemical water. I’ve washed so many dishes in the last 24 hours that my hands are dry – and they smell like the aforementioned chemical-y water. I’m spoiled. So many of the things I love about life are creature comforts of the nest I’ve created for myself. Last night we spent our first night in our yet-to-be-named Winnebago.

The most difficult part of getting this thing on the road was our own driveway and neighborhood. We live on the side of a mountain where in many places only one car at a time can pass  – and we were going to bring a 35′ camper through there. Long story short, we made it. It was a little like trying to thread a camel through the eye of a needle or something of similar Biblical proportions.

The broken light

The first thing we noticed when arriving to the campground was a light broken off the driver’s side rear of the rig. The red plastic casing sheared off and we suspect this happened before we even got out of our driveway. Seems like it will be an easy fix once we get the proper part from Winnebago.

As Gary was negotiating the hook ups for the first time, I was inside setting up “house” and kept hearing water running. My hearing muddled from a recent ear infection hasn’t been prime lately, but I knew I was hearing running water. I kept yelling to him at the back of the rig, “I hear water running!” He yelled something back about the tanks. I went into the bathroom to check all the faucets and yelled again, “I HEAR water running!” I couldn’t make out what he said but my normally even-keeled husband’s tone of voice was clearly aggravated. I turned back towards the front of the camper just in time to see water shooting out of every crack of the cabinet under the kitchen sink. It quickly flooded the floor, poured down the steps to the outside, and ran through the basement compartments just underneath.  I began to yell “TURN IT OFF! TURN IT OFF!” It was too late. The cabinet flooded and the floor was a puddle. It took the only three bath towels I had packed and half a roll of paper towels to clean it all up. A water filter under the sink had not been tightened down properly – and I won’t mention any names but it wasn’t me.

So many dishes.

Gary continued the set up outside and I was inside putting chili in the crockpot to warm. Gary was setting up chairs and the grill. Outside flapping in the wind were our three bath towels. Some vintage campers set up with a  boho chic style. Ours looked like we were going for 1930’s New York tenement housing.

Note to self: bring more than just the towels you need for bathing in case of emergency.

Later that night, sipping a glass of wine by the fire brought it all into perspective. It wasn’t quite dark and the trees hung like a canopy over us. Gary relaxed beside me with a cigar and I just took it all in from every angle – the crackling sounds of the burning wood, the flickering glow of warm light, the warmth of the flame competing with the breeze rustling in the trees. I know this is our next adventure. I am a creature of habit and order. I like things I can count on, stability, structure. Having lived with chaos and trauma much of my life, I thrive on consistency and the assurance that every place I put my foot is a solid one. I cannot explain this magnetic pull I feel to the nomadic style of RV living with all of the unknowns except to say that maybe life is stretching me, growing me, teaching me that being centered comes from a place deep inside and not my surroundings.

Day One, accomplished.




One thought on “There Was Evening and There Was Morning – The First Day

  1. Thanks Julie – For a few seconds there I was relaxing by the fire with you! I am anxious to read the next entry so I can have another adventure, followed by some sweet contentment.


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