Our Story

Four Years Later…..

If you’ve been hanging on – perhaps our friends and family are still a participating audience – you know that our RV adventures somewhat stalled out in 2017. Gary’s 30 year career in the hospitality industry came to an abrupt and unexpected end in the spring of that year – and we started working seven days a week in our small handmade business. The Winnebago sat in the driveway, and became a glorified guest room when the kids came to visit or stay for a time while our business took over the inside of the house. But through all this time, we continued to dream of going full-time RVing. We continued to educate ourselves and follow our favorite YouTubers. Knowing the Winnebago was not for us or full-time travel, we dove head first into researching different types of RVs. We went to every RV show accessible and walked in and out of hundreds of rigs – until we finally settled on the layout that worked for us and the manufacturers that offered that floor plan and storage. But, still the RV lifestyle seemed an elusive dream.

The Wild Sasquatches Harpers Ferry Murphy’s Farm Shenandoah River
Murphy’s Farm in Harpers Ferry National Park – a moderate hike with a scenic view of the Shenandoah. We did this as much as the weather allowed during our four month stay.

Like the rest of the world – 2020 brought life into crystal clear focus. All the trappings and trimmings of our lives shifted or disappeared overnight. Months went by without seeing my children in person. We were overwhelmed with our small business as home decor became a major focus for people who were now suddenly home all the time and shopping online. But – while some things got harder – things slowed down. The expectations to do things out of the house no longer existed. I could attend my book club on zoom without wearing a bra and drink the whole bottle of my favorite wine by myself. The weather warmed and the kids started coming over for hangout time on the front porch. We started taking daily walks with the dogs, and really looking at the trees, and the foliage, and the houses and property for sale in our neighborhood. During one of those evening walks in August, I realized that the sign on the property next to us was missing though the post was still up – so I made a note to message the realtor. We were still at least in theory talking and dreaming about a five year plan, so when I contacted the realtor, Gary told me to ask her if she would do a market analysis on our house so that in a year or so when we were ready to sell the house, we would have a good idea what it was worth. Later that week she came by, we sat on our porch and got the message from her loud and clear that if we wanted to sell – we should not wait. We took the weekend to toss it around, and decided to hold hands and leap off the edge of the figurative cliff into the great unknown.

Our house went on the market in September and sold in less than a week. We traveled to Florida in early October to pick up our new-to-us RV – and closed on the house by month’s end. We have been full-timing ever since in our hometown area and tomorrow our travels begin. Thanks so much for being here to follow our adventures.